Why Say Yes to CET

What makes CET different is over the last 50 years we have mastered integrated job training services to support your success. CET’s Contextual Learning Model was designed with the end in mind.  Our success is not measured by the number of students enrolled.  CET is successful when you get the skills to get the job and our diploma is your first paycheck.

This means we provide you with hands-on training and no surprises. From day one, we treat you like you are on the job and not just a student. Programs are designed to get you job-ready in the shortest time, not pass a test to get a letter grade and take the next class. We deliver real-world job training. What your future boss will expect, we expect.

Programs are generally five days a week, six hours a day. Punctuality matters. Mastering the job skills you need matters. We know it’s your future. We get you ready.

Because of our commitment to provide quality job training and keep services accessible to all, we have some of the highest graduation rates, student satisfaction and job placement rates in the nation.  Why? It’s because we don’t stop at career training. No matter which CET center you graduate from, you’ll get job placement assistance.  Even more, we also care that you have the personal skills and the social support you need to find work you love.


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Time to complete
a typical program:

6-9 months

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CET Promises You

Connections to Employers

We know who is hiring and exactly what they want. We’ll even adjust our curriculum – like adding more knife skills to the culinary program – in order to make sure you have the skills that employers have told us they need.


“College isn’t for everyone. At CET you’re learning a trade. You have a variety of different skills to choose from. You’re going to earn good money.”

Shala HarrisBOT


You’re not a number. You’re a person. Our teachers and staff come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. We know there’s more than one path to success and many challenges to overcome along the way. Everyone at CET treats you with the respect and warmth you deserve.


“This school cares a lot about their students. When I signed up I was worried what would happen if the financial aid didn’t go through, but they told me, ‘No, no, no – we’ll figure it out, you’re not going anywhere’. It was impressive that they gave they me that encouragement. Some people are just moving through the motions – not them.”

Marisa DavillaGBC


There’s more to getting a job than trade skills. We do whatever it takes to help you overcome obstacles, from transportation and housing to supportive and immigration services. We also partner with local VA offices and veteran organizations to make sure that veterans receive their benefits.

Matt Durrell

“They’re VA approved. They know all about the paperwork. I let them know I was a vet and they found out what I needed in about 10 minutes. They really do hustle.”

Mathew DurrellElectrician (Army Vet)

Hands-on learning

Whether you’re training for a job in a professional kitchen, a medical office or a construction site, get hands-on experience while you’re still in the classroom. We replicate the work world and also teach you the theory, computer skills and specialized English (VESL) needed for your new career.


“I love to build. At CET you do work in the classroom, in the shop, and outdoors. You’re building from the bottom up and learning what to do with the electrical, plumbing, solar paneling, everything.”

Marisa DavillaGBC