CET offers the following Employer Benefits

  • Reliable workforce

    CET students learn above and beyond specific vocational skills. They understand what it means to be accountable to their company, their boss and themselves.

  • Relevant skills

    The real world, to-the-minute, training students receive at CET results in a flattened learning curve on the job. That means employers have workers who are capable of hitting the ground running from day one.

  • Motivated employees

    There is a qualitative difference between employees who are there to just do the job and those who are inspired to do the job well. CET graduates are motivated by their company’s mission and a job well done, not just a paycheck.

  • Customized training

    CET utilizes employer input to keep its training modules in alignment with employer specifications. The result is cost savings for the employer with a higher success rate among trainees.

  • Big picture

    Employers who hire CET graduates are an integral part of the drive to change the community for the better on a tangible level. And, their support of CET will undoubtedly inspire other
    corporations to take similar action, thus continually broadening CET’s sphere of influence.

CET Works With Hundreds of Employers Nationwide