Benefits of Job Training

For a lot of people, deciding what to do with your future is not easy. Even if you have a career in mind, figuring out how to make it happen can be even harder. Job training can help you achieve your career goals with programs focused on teaching you the skills you need to get the job you want. Why choose a job training program over other options?

Here are six benefits that we think make trade school and technical programs a great choice for learning the skills you need for the career you want:

Costs Less Money and Offers Short-Term Programs

The cost of an education in a job training, or trade/technical educational institution, costs about 70% less than the average four-year college.  It also takes less time.  CET’s job training programs take only 6-9 months to complete which means you start working – and earning – sooner. You aren’t paying for – or attending – classes you don’t need.  Instead, you master the skills you want and hit the ground running.

More Adaptable

The admissions process is easy.  Program schedules get you through the training more quickly, and CET’s “open entry” schedule means once your enrollment is completed you can start the next day.

More Hands-On Experience

Students are immersed in the field of work being pursued and gain deeper industry expertise that can be immediately applied to their chosen career.

Smaller Class Size

Trade and technical schools have smaller class in comparison to four-year colleges and universities. Students receive greater personal attention and have more one-on-one time with the instructors.

High Career Placement & Better Employment Opportunities

Students who earn trade certificates and technical certificates are in high demand and have little or no wait time between graduation and employment.  Graduates enter a hotter job market, have higher than average starting salaries, and face lower unemployment rates.

Better Job Security

Trade and technical careers are difficult to export to another country because they require a physical presence or high-precision skills that cannot be outsourced.

CET’s skill-based job training puts the focus on helping our students achieve success.
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