Anyone who has ever achieved their dream job can tell you, the satisfaction of success is priceless. The good news is: the jobs can also be very lucrative! Whether you are an aspiring chef looking to perfect the culinary arts, a construction worker entering the field of green construction, an electrician, or a worker in many other trades, CET wants to provide you the development you need for economic self-sufficiency. 

CET knows the real value of your education is the return on investment. As we look to help you invest in yourself and your future, the CET staff works hard to make sure your program pays off and then some, by giving you the tools to build a better life for yourself. 

These are a few of our programs that are providing great economic opportunities for CET graduates. 

Green Construction

CET knows the future of the construction trade lies in sustainability. In order to prepare our students for the future, CET provides training in green building construction jobs. Graduates of the green construction program have seen an increase in their salary from about $8,892 a year before CET to $31,102.  

Market studies indicate a global rise in green building, with an estimate of nearly half of new construction work “going green,” and many other jobs available retrofitting older buildings. According to the Bureau of Labor, there is going to be an expected growth of 51 percent in solar technician jobs by 2029. Graduates can build their future while helping build the future of the country.

Medical Field

This year has truly shown the importance of medical support staff. CET has programs in several paths for the medical field. Graduates of our medical assistant program have seen a rise in their yearly from $8,327 to $26,756. Graduates of the medical clerk program have gone from $8,841 to $24,930. Graduates of the medical office administration program have risen from $8,268 to $29,712.

According to the Bureau of Labor, the aging baby-boomer population will increase the need for medical services, with an expected 19 percent growth for medical assistants. CET will continue to train medical personnel staff to meet the needs of the future—and help you secure a solid return for the cost of your education.

Culinary Arts

We pride ourselves on training the next generation of bakers and cooks. Graduates of the culinary arts program have seen their income rise from roughly $8,920 before CET to $25,324 after graduation. The connections you make in the CET network helps you get a foot in the door in a growing field. According to the Bureau of Labor, “Overall employment of cooks is projected to grow 10 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations.”

Technical Trades

CET provides a variety of trade-specific training programs. Automotive specialist graduates have seen their income rise from $8,820 to $27.327. Graduates of the machinist technology courses have jumped from $9,136 to $30,108 annually. Electricians have increased their earning potential from $8,841 to $34,833. 

No matter what the future brings, people will continue to need trade specialists to fix their cars, repair wiring, and provide the knowledge that only comes with professional training and experience.

The Return on Investment Is High

As you can see, there is a high return on investment in job training and development. With higher salaries and higher job prospects, the programs at CET are a solid investment in your future.

CET programs provide the technical expertise, job skills, and professional networking necessary for your dream job — invest in yourself today, and click here to find more information about our programs.