Do you have a passion for business but don’t know where to get started? Maybe you’ve looked at business degrees in the past but been put off by high tuition costs and long-term investments. The truth is, those degrees are not the only way to have a successful business career.

With less than a year of intensive studying, you could have your foot in the door for an excellent job in business. At CET, there are a variety of job training programs to help you on your way to a business career you’ll love with all the necessary skills and knowledge.  

Accounting Clerk

If you have a great head for numbers and aren’t intimidated by dense spreadsheets, CET’S accounting clerk program may be perfect for you.

This job training program will prepare you for a number of potential careers as a bookkeeper, general office clerk, or, of course, an accounting clerk in as little as eight months. Professionals in these positions are an essential part of making sure businesses function smoothly and efficiently.

Throughout the job program, students learn the principles of accounting and math as it applies to business, so they are ready to enter the workforce as knowledgeable, high-value employees. They will also be prepared for certifications in Microsoft Office and Quickbooks—both industry standards.

Business Office Administration

Maybe accounting doesn’t sound like the exact right fit, but you are still interested in a business career. In that case, the business office administration program at CET could be perfect for you.

Like in the accounting clerk program, the job program typically lasts 8 to 9 months. You’ll learn the essential elements of business so you’re ready for an entry-level office job with room to grow.

Once you know the language and other fundamentals of the business world, you’ll be able to pass certifications and stand out to employers. CET’s business office administration program is the jumping-off point you need as a professional to get started on your rewarding business career.

Computer Support Specialist

We are living in a truly digital age and computers are a part of almost everything we do. But as anyone who has ever used a computer can tell you, they don’t always work the way they should. Luckily for you, that creates an opportunity for you to have a stable career in computer support.

In CET’s computer support specialist program, students will learn all about computers from hardware to operating systems. Then, they learn how to diagnose and address problems that may arise with them. By the end of 18 weeks (on average), students will have completed the job program and be ready for a job as a computer support specialist.

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