Whether you’re a current student or an alumnus, you know how important it is to choose the right place to get training. Your education is the foundation upon which you build your career and your life so choosing where to go is a huge decision.

As you’ll no doubt remember, there are plenty of factors affecting that decision. Schools compete for enrollment and details like cost, location, program specialty, and more all play a role in where students ultimately end up enrolling. 

One commonly overlooked factor that helps determine where students choose to go is you. By that, we mean the opinions of friends and family carry a lot of weight. If you know someone who is trying to decide where to study, your input could make a big difference in where they choose to go. 

Hopefully, as a current student or graduate, you’re happy with the decision you made to go to CET. If that’s the case, it makes a lot of sense to talk to your friends about your experience and refer them.  

At the Center of Employment Training, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality education and a long-term commitment to our students, all at some of the most competitive prices possible and in the shortest amount of time. By referring friends to CET, you’d be helping them get the opportunity they deserve and that’s good for you, too.

Referral Considerations

Through CET’s new referral program, you and the friends you refer to CET can both benefit. But before you refer a friend, take some time to consider these questions.

Is your friend interested in employment training?

Some people are completely committed to the idea of a traditional college education or other educational paths. If your friend is not interested in employment training, it doesn’t make much sense to refer them to CET.

What kinds of programs is your friend considering?

Though CET offers a wide variety of programs, that doesn’t necessarily mean CET has the right program for your friend’s interests and professional goals. Talk to them about what kinds of programs they’re considering and where their interests lie. As a student or alumnus of CET, you’re probably familiar with the various programs we offer so you can get a sense of whether CET has a program for your friend.

Will your friend fit in at CET?

Throughout your time at CET, you no doubt got a sense of the culture of the place. It might not be a good fit for everyone so consider whether your friend would fit in well at CET. We are open and welcoming to everyone, but you still want to make sure your friend will feel at home here. 

Benefits of Referring a Friend

The most obvious benefit of referring a friend to CET is the joy and satisfaction of helping a friend get ahead in life. Beyond that, though, there are even more benefits to referring friends. If you’re a current student at CET, referring friends to CET will help you have even more friends at school to enjoy your learning with. Additional friends at school with you will also be resources you can count on. You’ll be able to help each other study, practice skills, or even plan your careers together. As an alumnus, the benefit of referring friends is supporting your friends and your school at the same time. All in all, referring a friend to CET can be extremely rewarding so it’s something worth considering. 

Refer a Friend Today

If you’re ready to refer a friend to CET, that’s fantastic. The process is easier than ever. All you need to do is fill out a referral form with your friend’s information. 

In addition to filling out the form, it’s also a good idea to talk to your friend about the opportunities at CET and why you think it’s the right choice. That way, when they receive information from CET, they’ll know it is personalized and really from you. 

That’s it! Referring a friend to CET is easy and beneficial. We hope to see your friend in training soon!