Is your career school, trade or technical program actually preparing you for the real world? Does your resumé reflect your training with the certification you need to get meaningful work?

Many students are opting for trade and career schools over traditional four-year colleges. While there was a 28-percent increase in enrollment in these colleges and universities between 2000 and 2016, technical and career schools have increased in enrollment by a whopping 66.67 percent.

One of the main reasons? Career schools like the Center for Employment Training (CET) are getting their students ready to step into the workforce either with certification in hand or ready to test for any an industry recognized certification needed to find employment.

Here’s what you need to know about getting certified through a career school program and how CET makes it happen for our students.

Why We Need Certifications

In the same way that we need to put in driving hours and take a driver’s test before we get our driver’s license, there are some positions in certain industries that require certification to prove that you are qualified and job ready. 

A certificate helps your future employer know that you have taken the time to learn from a professional, train and hone your skills; you’ve learned about industry standards and regulations, and you’re “up to the task,” as they say.  

So how do we distinguish who receives a certification? Here’s how the Bureau of Labor Statistics breaks down how certifications are awarded:

A Certificate:

  • Is awarded by a professional organization or other non-governmental organization.
  • Is not legally required to work in an occupation.
  • Requires the licensee to demonstrate competency to work in a specific field or job, usually through a training and examination process.

An Example: CET Certification Programs

Programs like our computer support specialist program are designed to get our students completely ready for the tech industry. Our students learn about computer hardware and operating systems as well as troubleshooting and repairing devices and using a helpdesk ticketing system. 

In addition to their exceptional training, our students will learn about computer hardware and operating systems, troubleshooting and repairing various devices, and using a helpdesk ticketing system. Students will prepare to take the CompTIA A+ certification exam, which is the industry standard for establishing a career in IT.

This is the only industry-recognized credential with performance-based certification testing to prove that you can work on your feet and perform critical IT tasks in the moment. It’s trusted by employers around the world, and with our computer support specialist program, our students are educated not only to be job ready but CompTIA A+ exam ready too.

The Certifications You Need to Jumpstart Your Career

Our computer support specialist program isn’t the only program that offers a certificate or prepares you for certification exams. Here are just a few other certificate-based programs available through CET:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Green Building Construction Skills
  • Medical Assistant
  • Health Information Technology
  • HVAC Technician & Green Technology

At CET, our main goal is to support our students. That’s why we not only get you work and test ready but we’ll also work hard to help you find a job placement when you finish your studies with us. We are driven to help our students who are working to create a life they love doing meaningful work. 

This doesn’t mean that we teach you the skills you need and send you on your way. We’ll provide supportive services and prepare you to earn the certifications you need to change your life. 

Let’s get you started on the path to your future career—certificate and all. Contact us today!