Have you always dreamed of working in a professional kitchen, cooking delicious food? Maybe you considered culinary school but decided it was simply too expensive. 

You can have the culinary career you’ve always wanted without paying too much! In fact, most chefs and head cooks don’t go to culinary school. They learn what they need to know through training and then a lot of experience.

CET gives you both! For a leg up in the culinary world (that won’t cost you an arm and a leg), consider a job training program.

Through the culinary job training program at CET, you’ll learn the skills you need for a successful culinary career, all in less than a year and at an affordable price. 

Culinary Arts

Do you enjoy cooking? Know your way around a kitchen? If you are interested in working as a chef or cook, the culinary arts job program at CET may be a great fit for you. This program exposes you to all different types of cooking methods and dishes so you can become a well-rounded professional. 

You’ll not only learn about culinary terms and safety in the classroom, but also gain hands-on experience to develop knife skills and familiarity with a variety of culinary techniques. Instructors spend time making sure students master the basics of baking, frying, sautéing, and preparing beautiful, tasty dishes. All the time you put into learning these skills during the training program will be worth it on the job when you stand out as a capable, experienced cook.

Once you complete the job program, you will also be ready to take the ServSafe Manager’s Certification test. A Manager Certification can help you stand out even more as a job applicant.

The program prepares you for a job as a line cook, prep cook, or dietary aid, as well as other entry-level positions in the culinary world in as few as seven months.

The Craft of Baking

Maybe your interest lies more in pastries and baking than in general cooking. CET has a job training program that’s right for you, too.

The craft of baking job program at CET will teach you all the specialty skills you need to know for a job as a baker. You’ll learn through lectures and projects and, most importantly, hands-on baking activities.

First, our chef-level instructors will teach you methods through demonstrations—then you’ll be able to try it out yourself! The instructor will lend guidance or correct mistakes as necessary. You’ll get the benefits of both book knowledge and kitchen experience (and being surrounded by the wonderful smells of baked goods doesn’t hurt either).

By the end of the program, students will have the skills and knowledge for multiple positions including bakers, pastry chefs, and dessert cooks. In as few as 15 weeks, you could be starting your dream culinary career in baking. Take the plunge. Sign up for an orientation tour and find out what your future could hold. 

Choose CET

Get the culinary career you’ve always wanted! Your dream is closer than you think. With CET’s intensive job programs, you will be able to learn essential skills and gain experience so you can stand out and land the job you want.

Maybe one day soon, the beloved neighborhood restaurant or bakery will be yours and all because you took the first step in your culinary career by starting at CET. You’ll never know unless you try.

Check out our Programs page for more information on the culinary job training programs.