You want to kickstart your career with a job skills degree. But you don’t have your high school diploma or GED. The two-step process of securing that degree then going to trade school can feel daunting — like your dream is too far off to even begin pursuing. To make matters more difficult, students without diplomas or GEDs are ineligible for many federal financial aid programs, which can make taking the next step just too expensive.

…and the dream feels even further away.

Here at CET, we understand that feeling. That’s why we created the Adult Education Career Pathways program, which allows students to pursue their technical education while working towards passing their GED. It’s a program that shortens the runway from starting your education at CET to taking off in your career!

Let’s dig a little deeper: 

CET’s Adult Education Career Pathways Program

…or AECP. The program focuses on two aspects of your education.

Number one: we give your instruction and education for reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics. All of the skills you need to pass the GED.

Number two: at the same time, you are in one of our technical skills programs that provide you with the training necessary for that lucrative and steady profession you’ve been dreaming of entering.

AECP Requirements

•   AECP is required for anyone enrolled at CET under Ability to Benefit (more on that later).

•   You must be enrolled in a program that aligns with the workforce needs of the area. The program is developed with players in the regional economy such as CET partners in the worlds of business, workforce development, and economic development. To find out more about those programs in your area, get a free admission consultation today.

CET’s partners are invested in your success—a highly skilled worker with a GED does the whole community good.

What is Ability to Benefit?

Ability to Benefit, or ABT, refers to students who would get a lot of advantage from a secondary education like college or trade school but don’t have a high school diploma and GED.

You’ll need to pass the ATB test in your area to enroll. We’re looking out for you there too. Our admissions advisors can help you find out where to take the ABT test and give you all information you need.

About that Financial Aid…

AECP opens the path to federal assistance! There are some requirements to qualify and you will be putting in a lot of time to your education, but that diploma and the well-paying job that comes after just got a whole lot closer…and maybe a lot more financially possible.

Contact our financial aid advisors anytime. They’ll walk you through what you need with a free aid consultation.

Here at CET, we understand that the dual hurdles of securing your GED and a trade school diploma may seem overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be that way. That’s why we created the Adult Education Career Pathways program.

Contact us today to get started on a path to a rewarding career!