What does “purpose” mean? Sometimes, it simply refers to “a goal to be achieved.” But don’t you think it should be more than that? For us, it’s about “the reason to wake up in the morning, what gives meaning to our life.”

Identifying one’s purpose is not as easy as some think. Some people even say that we are destined to work on this task for life. But regardless of where you are, it’s never too early or too late to discover what truly moves you. 

For this reason, we present you with a short list of questions that can help you identify your life purpose and make effective decisions on your career path. This approach is based on Ikigai, a Japanese concept that has demonstrated effectiveness in helping people from all over the world find their “reason for being.”

Remember to answer these questions honestly and don’t be afraid of thinking too long-term or short-term. The goal is to help you keep moving forward one way or another. So grab a pen and paper and get to it!

The Things That You Love

What makes you truly happy?

Think about all the things you enjoy doing. Include things that you like to do repeatedly. Remember the things that you think about doing when you are bored.

Tip: This is the type of activity that makes you lose track of time. 

The Things That You Are Good At

What are your talents?

Write down everything you do with ease, activities that almost feel effortless. You frequently do these activities well and even better when shared with others.

Tip: You receive positive feedback about it frequently.

What The World Needs

How can you help others?

Because purpose gives meaning to life, it must be connected to something that brings benefits for other people. It is your way of contributing to society. It can be anything, from health to transportation of goods.

Tip: A quick search online can give you a good picture of activities in high demand, eg. Search for “high demand skills in [insert the name of your community].”

What Can You Get Paid For?

What are the activities that will earn you money?

While not everyone seeks to make a living out of their life passion, it is possible to choose a career path that will make you feel more complete. Example: Do you love talking to people and are good at it? Maybe you listed “restaurants” as one of the things that the world needs. Have you thought about pursuing a career in hospitality?

Tip: This activity is frequently similar to what the world needs. The difference is that here you should list only things that people are willing to pay for.

Now What?

Once you have gathered the answers you will have a better idea of your purpose. To make things easier for yourself you can visualize your answers using an Ikigai diagram like the one below:

*Reference to the book Ikigai, by Héctor García and Fransec Miralles. For more information on the subject, check out: https://amzn.to/3lkneic

Remember the point of this exercise is to help you find an activity that you are likely to enjoy, while also helping you create income for yourself and your family.

What gives meaning to your life? Get out there and find your purpose!