When you hear the term “career,” do you think of a long and challenging learning journey? Well, unlike your imagination, it doesn’t have to be. You can easily find short certificate programs that pay well or even a short-term course list to build a decent career.

You can opt for short certificate programs that pay well if you:

  • Have been laid off during the pandemic
  • Want to change your career path soon
  • Gain real-world experience and upskill yourself
  • Have limited time and resources for education

Short-term courses with high salaries focus on offering practical knowledge and help you become job-ready by building your core skills.

However, before searching for “short-term career training programs near me,” you must be aware of your pool of resources.

Cost, Skills, Time (C.S.T.) — The biggest advantages of short-term career training 

Lesser cost, lesser time, and in-depth skills are the 3 major advantages of short certificate programs that pay well. 

Based on cost, here are two options you can choose from:

  • Free government training programs
  • Paid/Private term career training programs

Free government training programs

Federal government training programs enable those from low-income backgrounds to learn relevant skills and help them seek employment. The government funds these short-term courses with high salary programs to increase employability among youth and the income of every household.

Now, you might ask, “is there a job corps for adults too?” 

Indeed, there is. 

You can opt for the Job Corps, a free government training program for adults from 16-24 years of age. They offer technical skills training in industries such as Advanced Manufacturing, IT, Finance and Business, Hospitality, and more.

Suppose you’re interested in farming or have the resources for agriculture. In that case, you can enroll in the National Farmworkers Job Program, a program by the U.S Department of Labor Employment and Training Association that funds seasonal or migrant farmers and their families.

Paid/Private Short Term Training Programs

With short-term training programs, there is an option to choose from 2-week certification programs to 6-month short-term training programs. If you’re wondering about the quickest certification to get, you’ll find an elaborate short-term course list with options in business accounting, HVAC-R, Medical coders, and many more that you can complete within 3 months.

However, 6-month certificate programs that pay well allow you to learn and practice skills meticulously, which means more experience and better opportunities.

Here are some short certificate programs that pay well that are offered at CET:

Automotive specialist:

Tuition: Approx $13,221

Average Income: $46,880

Duration: 7-8 months

This course includes all the relevant skills to become an automotive specialist, from repairing and safety to computer skills and automotive theory.

Medical assistants: 

Tuition: Approx $14,249

Average Income: $37,190 (Highest earning up to $50,580)

Duration: Anywhere between 6-9 months

After this course, you can become an emergency medical technician or a paramedic with further short certifications. 

Commercial truck driver:

Tuition: Approx $12,333

Average Income: $69,480

Duration: 6-7 months

If you’re thinking, “Where can I find 6 month certificate programs near me?” this one’s for you. It teaches you everything from driving to customer service.


Tuition: Approx $14,500

Average Income: $52,720

Duration: 8-9 months

This course teaches electrical safety, wiring, and installation skills and makes you eligible for your Electrician in Training (ET) card. 

Financial clerk:

Tuition: Approx $15,375

Average Income: $46,310 per annum (Highest up to $65,850)

Duration: 8-9 months

You can learn accounting, business communication, payroll, and many other skills with this program.

Choosing a program successfully — what should you consider?

Choosing a program can be tricky and confusing, especially with an elaborate short-term courses list. Here are some tips for choosing a short term training program:

Find your interests

Choose a field that aligns with your interests. If you like spending time with kids, you can choose a training program in the childcare sector.

Analyze your goals

How do you want your life to be in 5 years? Visualize it and choose a course that helps you reach it. If your goal is to manage an automotive service station, start with a training program in the automotive specialty field.

Take an aptitude test 

There are many aptitude tests that can help you navigate your future career based on your strengths. You can go for technical trades like HVAC specialists, welding fabrication, and others if you score high on manual dexterity. Similarly, if you’re inclined towards spatial aptitude, you can go for training in truck driving.

Placements and support systems

If you’re looking for financial support, you can apply to programs at the Center for Employment Training (CET) for financial aid. Always look for placement assistance as that also determines the demand for the job.

Final words

Before searching for “quick certifications that pay well 2022,” research the job market, institute policies, and your current resources.

You can refer to our programs to find out about some of the best short-term training courses that pay well. Have questions? You can always reach out to us, and we will help you navigate the experience.