When you attend a trade school and complete a program, you are generally awarded a certificate or diploma to represent that significant accomplishment. At CET, we are proud to bestow CET certificates on our students but that’s not all we offer.

We also prepare students to get additional certifications that can help them land their dream jobs.

Whether you’re interested in working in business, childcare, technical trades, or more, we will make sure you know everything you need to know to get your foot in the door and continue to professional success.

What Are Certifications?

A professional certification serves as proof that an individual has the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete a given job or task.

Typically, someone seeking a professional certification will be required to take particular courses or achieve a certain score on an exam. They are issued by an authority in the given field and thus have weight behind them.

Some certificates are even required before a worker can enter a specific industry, though many others are entirely voluntary and just demonstrate additional proficiency.

One common certification you are probably already familiar with is CPR and First Aid training which is often through the American Red Cross. That’s just one example of a certificate someone could get if they do the necessary work and pass the exam(s).

Why Get Certified?

If you’re going to go through the work of getting certified, it has to do something for your career. Well, certifications are a great thing to add to beef up your resumé and stand out to hiring managers. Having certification(s) shows that someone has gone above and beyond to seek additional training and prove their abilities. This makes the choice much more clear for hiring managers.

Of course, not every certification is made equal and you only want to pursue certifications that are directly related to the field you are looking to enter. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and effort.

Through our years of experience helping students find fulfilling careers with great growth potential, we have learned exactly which certifications are worthwhile for every profession. Each program at CET is designed to prepare you for the most relevant, beneficial certifications in the related field.

For example, accounting clerk graduates at CET will be prepared to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification as well as the Quickbooks User certification test. Whereas in the HVAC specialist program, graduates will be prepared for various certification exams including BPI’s Energy Analyst.

How to Get Certified

Are you convinced yet that getting certified could be right for you? You can do it. 

If a certain certification or exam sounds intimidating, don’t worry. CET will completely prepare you for the certifications you might need or want in your new field of work.

There is generally a small fee associated with each certification. Typically, if you need to sit for an exam, you will do so and then wait for your results.

Preparing students for the most important professional certificates in each field is just another example of how CET is dedicated to doing everything possible to get students the careers they want.

As mentioned earlier, certifications are a great resumé item but if you are not sure how to include them or how to write your resumé in general, we can help with that, too.

When you come to CET, from the first moment you contact us to your first day at your great new job, we are there for you.