Plenty of schools claim to help their students achieve the career of their dreams but how many can say that they deliver on that claim?

Well, at the Center for Employment Training, we take those kinds of promises very seriously. When we say that we do everything in our power to make sure students can land the jobs they want and jump-start their careers, we mean it. 

CET doesn’t just provide job training programs. We also offer comprehensive job preparation services and employment status follow-ups post-graduation. We care about your professional success just as much as you do. After all, that’s what we’re here for!

CET’s Career Services

Job Preparation Education

The career services we offer our students start from the very first day in the form of job preparation. 

The first step in job prep is self-assessment. Taking stock of your past experiences, including everything you have learned, will help you determine where you want to go. From there, you can line up the skills you’ve gained and the concepts mastered in theory, and pair those with one of CET’s great job training programs. Once you’re done with the program, you will graduate with essential hands-on experience in understanding your employability.   

It’s not enough just to understand yourself, though. You also need to understand the broader job market. That’s why the next step in job prep at CET is learning all about the job search process and practicing the procedure for applying for a job, including identifying skills and personal qualities, filling out applications, and preparing a resume. 

Students also learn how to use multiple sources of information for finding employment opportunities. They’ll practice interviewing skills and professional dress and demeanor so they wow the interviewers on their first job interviews post-graduation. Additionally, students will prepare career portfolios to use when looking for jobs.

Once they excel at all these crucial job preparation skills, students move on to the job development phase.

Job Development

In the job development phase, we will connect you with job leads and employer-partners seeking to hire. 

It’s not always easy to find great jobs, even for very qualified applicants. That’s why the relationships that CET has with local employers are so important. Employers in the community contact us directly when they have available opportunities they think our students/graduates might excel at. We then pass those opportunities along to you.

That little leg up could make a difference when you’re searching for a job. 

Employment Status Follow-Ups

When you start your program at CET, you might begin to notice something you haven’t seen before. Staff members are on the phone following up with Alumni and asking about their employment status. From the day you walked in, to the day you graduate, we are fully committed to helping you gain the success you want. And this means for up to a year (yes, a full year), someone from CET will be contacting you to ask about your employment status.

CET follows up with every graduate to make sure you are employed and in the field that you trained in. And when Alumni aren’t employed, we don’t leave it at that, we ask why and help find resources if we can.

Our goal is to help you get your foot in the door at a great job, and we’ll never shut our door on you. For up to a year after you graduate, we will be following up. Heck, we’ll even pay you a house call if we can’t get you by phone!

CET staff work together and take responsibility for staying in contact with alumni. Staff will call alumni, do a home visit, reach out via social media, and/or call friends and family if needed. In addition to collecting employment information, staff members have the opportunity to do a general status check-in with students who may not be employed because life’s circumstances have changed. If you aren’t employed at this point, you’ll be invited to return for a qualified service to see what we can do to help you change that.

The journey is yours to take, but you won’t be alone.

CET is completely committed to helping students succeed in their careers. When you enroll as a student at CET, you’ll get fantastic job training but also a partner to help jump-start your career and support you beyond graduation. That’s invaluable. 

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