Gone are the days of choosing your career right out of high school and sticking with it until retirement. Now, almost half of all workers change careers paths, even multiple times, and with great success. You don’t need to stick it out at a job that isn’t working for you. Make the jump to the new career you want. 

Sure, a career change can be intimidating. After investing time into one path, changing course will certainly bring some challenges. But overcoming those challenges will only make the satisfaction of succeeding in your new career that much sweeter. 

First, you have to decide what your new career will be. Use these three tips to find the new career path of your dreams. You can do it!

Talk to Friends and Family About Their Careers

People are always the most valuable resource we have. Ask the people around you what they love about their careers and what they hate about them. The perfect job for you may have been right under your nose the whole time. If something sounds exactly like what you’re looking for, you’ll have the added bonus of already knowing someone in the industry. 

And even if none of the descriptions resonate with you, you’ll cross some things off the list and maybe come up with new ideas to look into. 

Try Taking A Career Aptitude Test

You’ve probably thought lots about how your strengths and interests could translate into a career, but sometimes it can be hard to put all of those pieces together and come to a clear conclusion. Just by answering some simple questions, a career aptitude test will help you see what professions suit your personality. 

With so many different jobs out there, you probably never even considered some of the options. When you get your results, you can mark down the careers that sound good to you and keep going. 


Once you have some ideas in your head about what you might like to change careers to, it’s time to do some research. Even just a quick Google search can let you know the education requirements, salaries, and job opportunities for almost any given profession. You can find companies in your area employing people in the positions you might like and read current job postings on sites like Indeed.  

If you want to take it one step further, you can reach out to people in the fields that interest you and ask if they have time to talk to you personally. You’ll get the chance to ask the burning questions you have after your initial research and hear firsthand what life will look like after you change careers. 

All the information you need to make a decision you’ll feel good about is out there. So get searching!

Your New Career is Out There

It will take time and effort to find your perfect career path. There will be times when you have doubts and worry about the risk of making a big change. But the real danger is doing nothing—and missing out on the career you were meant to pursue.

If you start taking steps to identify careers that line up with your strengths, talk to the people you know, and sit down with professionals in areas that interest you, you will find the career path you’ll love soon enough. 

But don’t let another moment go by without doing something. Just one click, one call, or one text today could mean the career you’ve always wanted tomorrow. CET is here for you!

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