When you’re applying to jobs, employers are looking for many different things. The skills required to be a great teacher are certainly not all the same as those required to be a great welder, for example.

That said, some skills are valuable no matter what kind of work you’re looking for. These skills are called employability skills and, as the name suggests, they are general skills that will help your prospects of getting hired. These are some of the top skills employers look for in 2022 so it’s a good idea to work on developing them as much as possible.

To make things clearer, here is a list of seven of the most important employability skills.

1. Communication

The most sought-after, desired employability skill is probably communication. Communication is simply a part of almost every workplace so it makes sense that employers value these skills so highly. Employers are specifically looking for applicants who exhibit strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills. That includes active listening, being able to clearly express your thoughts both while writing and speaking, and asking smart questions.

Many people struggle with one or more aspects of communication so don’t worry if it isn’t your strongest skill. Some steps you can take to improve your communication skills include taking on oral presentations, practicing your writing, and reading more.

2. Independence

Employers are looking for employees who won’t need someone to check on them and stay on top of them all the time. There’s a place for official management, of course, but also self-management. You’ll be a more attractive employee if you can show that you manage yourself effectively by meeting deadlines and performing your tasks on your own when possible. Being independent will make you more productive and reliable.

3. Teamwork

It may seem confusing to include independence and teamwork as essential employability skills but in most workplaces, there’s a time for both. Sometimes you’ll need to be able to work alone and at other times you will have to collaborate effectively with either your coworkers or other individuals. Part of teamwork is knowing that you have a common goal and coming together to achieve that goal. If you struggle with teamwork, try volunteering for group community service activities or joining a team sport.

4. Strong Positive Attitude

Even just one negative person in the workplace can bring down the feeling of the whole workplace. People with positive attitudes are more valuable to employers because they boost everyone around them.

5. Perseverance

In any workplace, there will come a time when there’s a problem or obstacle in the way of achieving the organization’s goals. Some people will want to give up and quit when that happens but those who persevere will be the ones who ultimately succeed. For this reason, perseverance is a desirable employability skill for almost all employers.

6. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills are skills that will appear on many of the job listings you see and for good reason. Employees with these skills can evaluate the problems that arise in the workplace and find the best solution to move forward. Without these skills, the workplace will stagnate or even grind to a halt when there’s an issue. If you can be the one who steps up, thinks critically, and solves problems, you will make yourself nearly indispensable to your employer.

To improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, you can take a course on the ways people successfully work through problems and practice brainstorming or working through sample problems. These skills are like muscles that will get stronger if you put in the work and practice.

7. Leadership

An organization won’t go very far without some great leaders. Even if you don’t envision yourself in an official leadership role, it’s still worthwhile to develop leadership skills. Being a good leader simply means helping others achieve their goals together through motivation and guidance.

There are plenty of leadership training courses that can help you learn the various leadership styles but you can also practice those skills by leading a small group or team. Developing strong leadership skills is one of the best ways to shine and advance in an organization.

Develop Your Skills

You can (and should!) work independently to develop these skills but having professional educational help along the way can make a big difference in your success. Look no further than the Center for Employment Training. At CET, we can help you build these employability skills while you also learn the more specific skills and techniques required for your dream job.

Check out our list of programs to find one that’s right for you and reach out for more information!