Unemployment and trouble finding quality jobs are things anyone can struggle with but young people between 16 and 24 are particularly prone to facing these difficulties. Since landing a good job with a strong career path can be so impactful for young people, it’s worth exploring ways to boost their opportunities. Specifically, job training programs. 

What are youth job training programs?

As the name suggests, youth job training programs are educational programs to prepare young people for their future employment. 

These programs focus on teaching participants the competencies that employers are looking for in their employees. That includes, depending on the specific program, both technical training and academic teaching with some extra emphasis on soft skills that one might need in the workforce. 

You can find youth job training programs for a variety of different fields and professions, everything from technical trades like automotive specialists and electricians to medical assistants and culinary artists. Wherever a young person’s interests lie, there is probably a youth job training program that fits well.   

Job training programs for young people also vary in their structure. Some common types of youth job training programs supported by the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration include Job Corps, Youth Connections, and the YouthBuild programs. 

Job Corps is probably one of the most well-known job training programs for youth but if you’re wondering, “is there another program like Job Corps?” the answer is yes. You just have to know where to look.  

What are the benefits of youth job training programs?

Youth job training programs, quite simply, set young people up for ongoing success. They help young people develop the skills they need to achieve their goals and build a better future. 

Through youth job training programs, young people have the opportunity to build important employment skills, gain some experience, and make valuable career connections that open doors for them down the line. Think of youth job training programs as on-ramps to employment and career success that can completely change a young person’s life. 

For young people who have faced barriers to completing their education and starting on a career path like those involved in foster care or the juvenile justice system, youth job training programs can be even more impactful. 

Recently unemployment has been high and young adults were hit hard, with Black and Hispanic youth disproportionately affected. Last year, one in five American youths was not studying or working. That inactivity can have a ripple effect that impacts these young people’s long-term prospects and career aspirations. Youth job training programs can provide a solution by offering a path to employment. 

Finding a youth job training program

For many young people, availability to participate in job training programs may be limited by schooling or other commitments. Search for a “youth employment program near me” and see what’s available. In NYC the summer youth employment program (SYEP) is the perfect opportunity. This program is for youth between the ages of 14 and 24 and participants get paid work experience over the summer months. 

For those not in NYC, there are still plenty of job training programs for youths. Young people can choose from youth-specific programs or simply sign up for job training programs that they’re eligible for. Some training providers like CET offer programs nationwide so you should have no problem finding a program. 

The Center for Employment Training (CET) offers a wide variety of job training programs that young people might benefit from. We have decades of experience helping young people get the knowledge and experiences they need to build a fulfilling, profitable career. Reach out today to learn more!