Medical Administrative Assistant - Training Program
Start your career in the health information field

Career training for a job in Medical Administrative Assistant

In this hands-on program, you’ll learn the skills for entry into the fast-growing field of health care. You’ll learn in a medical office setting, performing duties by using specific knowledge of medical coding in computerized billing systems. After your classroom and lab learning, you’ll apply what you’ve learned with an externship in a medical office or hospital. Once you graduate, we will help you find a job in the healthcare administration.


What you’ll learn in the health information technology job training program:

  • Introduction to Allied Healthcare
  • Allied Health Care Foundation
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Electronic Health Records Management
  • Computer Literacy for Health Care Professionals
  • ICD Coding & CPT Coding
  • Medical Office Financial Management
  • Job preparation, including interview and resume skills

Say yes to CET Health Information Technology!

New career in 8-9 months?* yes!
Job Placement Assistance? yes!
Support Services? yes!
Financial Aid Assistance for those who qualify? yes!
Training supplies, books, and uniforms included in tuition?** yes!

*Average program length based on program/class schedule.
** Subject to change without notice.


FAQ about the health information technology job training program:

Where are the health information technology classes?
CET offers this hybrid program in San Jose, CA.
How long does it take to finish the course?
The Health Information Technology program is 900 hours and generally takes about 8 to 9 months to complete.
What is the class schedule?
This is a hybrid only program. Students meet on campus M, T, THU, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm, on-line W, F, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm, synchronous session 8:00 am and the Canvas LMS is available 24/7.
How much is tuition and what options do I have for financial aid?
When people ask “how much is tuition”, most of us think of just the cost of the program and maybe books and supplies.  But, when you attend school you’ll have other costs to add in such as housing and food if you live on your own.  If you live with your parents or are a parent, well that can change things a bit.  To make things simpler, visit our Tuition Page.  Use the calculator to estimate what everything costs and what kind of aid may be available to you.  You can find out more about aid and tuition in the student catalog.
What will I learn in the program?
CET’s health tech job training program focuses on a variety of skills. Learn more about the competencies you will master, review our program information sheet and browse the student catalog.
What kind of additional certifications or licenses will I be prepared to earn?
Students in this program will be prepared for certification in Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA), Electronic Health Records Specialist (EHRS) and Billing and Coding Specialist through the National Healthcare Association (NHA).
What types of jobs will I be qualified for after I graduate from the program and what can I expect to make?
When you’re trained in the technology of health information, you’re qualified for a variety of jobs.  You can learn more about jobs and pay in your area by checking out the links below*: *Job Outlook and Salary data provided by
When does the next class start and how do I apply?
CET has open enrollment, so once your enrollment is completed, you can start right away.  Applying to CET is easy. Learn more by visiting the Admissions page, or better yet – Sign up for a Tour and talk to an advisor in person.

*Sources are listed to provide additional information on related jobs, specialties, and/or industry. Links to non-CET sites are provided for your convenience and do not constitute an endorsement.

thumbs up review

“I’ve come so far since 2015 and like today, there are days I look back and think of where it all started. I wanted to take some time out of my morning to express my gratitude for you and all the staff at CET. Thank you for influencing me and giving me the skills, knowledge, and ambition to pursue my goals and dreams. Your job as an instructor is a very important role that I will forever respect and admire. I also want to thank you for believing in us as students even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. You are teaching the future of healthcare and empowering your students to change the world we live in.”

Your Alumni and Future MD,
Edwin Alfaro