Truck Driver I - Training Program
Accelerated program in truck driving

Accelerated program for a job in truck driving

CET’s truck driver course is one of the best in the industry.  In this accelerated version, you’ll train to become a truck driver in 10 weeks. Being the best, CET teaches the skills and knowledge to pass the test.  Plus you get hands-on practice hours behind the wheel. You’ll learn maintenance and safety checks and how to handle different driving conditions. You will be prepared to take the commercial driver’s license test. Once you graduate and pass, we’ll help you find a job as a professional truck driver.


What you’ll learn in the Truck Driver I course:

  • Introduction to Tractor Trailer Driving
  • Career Pathways within the Trucking Industry
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Fundamentals of Vehicle Maintenance
  • Prep for state licensing exams for Pre-trip, Air Brakes, Driving and more.
  • Job Preparation, Including interview and resume skills
  Truck Driver I - Training Program

Say yes to CET Truck Driver I!

New career in 10 weeks?* yes!
Job Placement Assistance? yes!
Support Services? yes!
Grants for those who qualify? yes!
Books and uniforms included in tuition?** yes!

*Average program length. ** Subject to change without notice.


FAQ about the Truck Driver I job training program:

Where do the Truck Driver I job training classes take place?
CET offers this accelerated truck driver program in Soledad, CA and El Centro, CA.
How long does it take to finish this course?
Students can finish the 300 hour program in about 10 weeks.
What is the class schedule?
This is a day class in Soledad, CA and an evening class in El Centro, CA, Monday through Friday.
How much is tuition and what options do I have for paying for this class?
You can find tuition costs in the student catalog. This program is not eligible for federal aid (Title IV – Pell Grants and Student Loans).  CET currently offers grants for women and farmworkers that may cover the program costs. Meet with a financial aid advisor anyway to discuss other options which may be available to you.
What will I learn in the program?
Students who enroll in the program should already possess a Commercial Drivers Instructional Permit (CDIP).  The Truck Driver I program focuses on solidifying necessary skills and hands-on driving time.
What types of jobs can I find after I graduate from the truck driving program and what can I expect to make?
Once you've earned your CDL, you are qualified to apply for over-the-road driving jobs.  This program trains you for a job like Heavy Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver*.
When does the next class start and how to I apply?
Applying to CET is easy. CET has open enrollment, so once your enrollment is completed, you can start right away.  Visit the Admissions page, or better Sign up for a Tour and talk to an advisor in person.

*Job outlook data are listed to provide additional information on related jobs, specialties, and/or industry. Links to non-CET sites are provided for your convenience and do not constitute an endorsement. Learn about

thumbs up review

“This school was the best thing that has ever happened to me, truck driving has made me money and I have been pretty successful to this day, I’m making over 2 thousand a week in the oil fields hauling sand but most importantly the training that I received from this school saved my life on more than a few occasions from bad weather and reckless drivers on the road. Again thank you CET for everything and BTW I’m now a home owner.”

David Loya
CET Truck Driving Graduate